Engel und Völkers - Promobooks4 Sylter Möwen Abellio Promobooks KU64 - Für Kinderärzte Promobooks Berli Bär
emma & viktor

A young family is house-hunting with little succes – until they meet a friendly real-estate agent who helps them.

4 sylter möwen

The four seagulls Coco, Emma, Ricky and Ole live through one adventure after another – and show all readers how much fun it is to be at home on one of Germany’s most beautiful islands.

lio's abenteuer

The little monkey Lio wants to visit his grandma and goes on a exciting journey with the local train.

for paediatricians

These stories for paediatricians and dentists free young patients from their fears.

berli bär

Berlibär and his friends explore their hometown and experience many exciting stories in Berlin. A must-have for every fan of the German capital.

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  • the illustrations

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Our cooperation doesn’t have to end after the delivery of your promobook.
At your request we develop follow-up stories or design custom-made merchandise.

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